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Liquid XML Studio 2009

FREE Graphical XML Schema Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio, including graphical
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12 January 2009

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FREE Graphical XML Schema Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio, including graphical and text based XML Schema Editor, XML editor, validation, intellisense, XPath & Web Service Tools, HTML Document Generator, XML Diff Tool and more.

Features: The biggest feature of this tool is that it is free. It is a graphical XML schema editor and XML editor. As a full featured development suit it contains several important development aids. The XML schema editor(XSD) is graphical and text based. You are able to visualize and edit the schema easily. Context sensitive parameters makes understanding XSD requirements easy. Drag & drop as well as cut & paste with several levels of undo makes the editing job easy. XML data binding that involves creating class libraries from the XSD schema is made easy by the studio. It reduces coding efforts and makes you more productive. The XML editor is aware of synt6ax and can thus validate the XML code against the standard as well as the XSD schema.

It integrates easily with the MS VB studio and combined features include graphical XML schema editor, XPath expression builder, web service browser, web method invocation, inferring of XSD from the XML. It is simple to explore the functions exposed by a web service. Individual web methods can then be called though the UI, which will automatically generate the XML required for the chosen method. XPath expression builder highlights the results of your XPath query in real time against any XML document. Code samples are provided. You can generate Cross browser HTML from your XSD Schemas. The documentation contains indexes, hyperlinks, each entity in the schema shows the complete XSD Code, with a textual description of its properties, diagram (while hot spots to link to child entities), all within collapsible sections so irrelevant information can be easily ignored. There`s a XML code comparator too.

Overall: Nice set of code development too. It is quite sophisticated for a free tool. It is quite easy to use too.

Publisher's description

FREE Graphical XML Schema Editor and XML Editor.
A fully featured XML Development Studio:
- Graphical and Text based XML Schema Editor
- XSD and XML Validation
- XPath Expression builder
- Web Service Explorer
- Intellisense for XML and XSD documents
- Syntax Highlighting
- XML Formatting
- Html Docs From XSD Schema
- XML Diff Tool
- XSLT Editor
- CSS Editor
- Fully compliant with the XSD standard
- FastInfoset Import/Export
- JSON Import/Export
- Features normally costing $$$
Liquid XML Studio 2009
Liquid XML Studio 2009
Version 7.0.2
Free Download

User comments

James Fowler
I started using XmlStudio as I needed an XML editor to put togehter and validate XML files for a project. The XML Editor is great, making it easy to find the cause of errors.
I`ve only just started looking at the XSD editor, but this is great. I hardly understood any of the XSD standard before I started messing with this, the cplit code and model view make it easy to understand what your doing.
A great product and free.
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